To begin with, any citizen who sincerely believes that the President must be removed from office should be outraged beyond consolation by how badly the House handled the impeachment process.  Without even weighing the facts, there was no way the President could be removed from office because of the precedent such blunders would set.

Sadly, however, the impeachment did not appear to be about impeachment at all but about interfering with primary, congressional and presidential elections. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

With Adam Schiff as the chair of the Intelligence Committee, the process was doomed before it even started because he had already lost all credibility after the Mueller Report revealed that he had been lying to the American people about Russian collusion.  What’s worse is that it’s not pointed out nearly enough how this amounted to nothing less that interference in the mid-term elections, leading to Democrat control of the House and the ability to impeach the President.

And, just like the Russian collusion hoax, the genesis of the process remains shrouded in secrecy, with Adam Schiff refusing to answer any of the Senators’ questions about it amid inconsistencies, allegations of whistleblower collusion and now public knowledge of who the whistleblower is and his political bias, his attorney’s very public vendetta against Trump and the whistleblower’s friendship with members of Schiff’s panel.

Additionally, the investigatory process in the House started by issuing subpoenas without authorization by a House vote. And the eventual vote resulted in bipartisan support against conducting investigations and, ultimately, against the impeachment articles.

Undeterred, the House decided to forge ahead with sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, complete with a ceremony where Pelosi distributed commemorative pens carried in on silver platters to each House manager.

After the celebration, Pelosi gloated that the president will be “impeached forever”:

and, if that wasn’t bad enough, slipped up and almost said “bipartisan” in the same interview:

After only seventy-eight days, the “critically urgent” and rushed articles were not sent over to the Senate, however, until after Pelosi held onto them for thirty-three days.  Why?  Was it to ensure the Senate hearing overlapped with the State of the Union address?  Was it to sequester Bernie Sanders during the Iowa caucuses?

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